Jumpstart Your Entry Into Entrepreneurship

In this free, 2-part workshop on Thursday April 14 and April 21, you will learn how to:

Plan Your Business

Setup, accounting and financing basics

Research Your Market

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

Find A Business To Buy

Places to look, engaging the owner and making an offer

Vet A Business

Due diligence, financial modeling and negotations

Transition Ownership

Employee relations and making it your own

Find A Trusted Advisor

1-1 coaching with Pathway's expert advisors throughout the workshop

This workshop is virtual from 6-8pm EST.

Meet Your Instructor

Key Dawson - Senior Business Advisor, Business Development
Key offers a wealth of entrepreneurship experience and operations expertise. Prior to joining Pathway Lending, Key was VP of Commercial Real Estate and Broker at Prime 100 Business Brokers. As an entrepreneur and business owner, Key has successfully purchased and sold a number of businesses and developed the course from the insights and practical knowledge he gained.

Reserve Your Seat

Your information is confidential, and we will only share it with the agencies that fund our work for impact reporting purposes.

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