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Minority Contractor’s Small Business is Doing Big Things for Iconic Memphis Trolley System

client profile:

Uneven cash flow is a hurdle many contractors face when they seek traditional bank financing to help cover expenses between projects and payments. The numbers didn’t tell the whole story for Clarence Howard, owner of River City Railroad.

Despite 40 years in the industry and a great reputation, Clarence’s cash flow issues prevented him from securing a traditional loan.

“In contracting, payments lag at least 30 days, and often stretch to 60 or 90,” said Clarence. “I worry about paying my employees more than I worry about myself. They’ll always eat before I do.”

A term loan from Pathway Lending now helps Clarence cover payroll for his 15-20 employees between project payments. Now he’s a stronger borrower who’s doing more for Memphis.

His most visible project is MATA’s Pavement Improvement Project that helped bring Memphis’ iconic trolleys back online. As a subcontractor on the original trolley line installation, his company has come full circle with the rail scene in Memphis.

“Working with Pathway Lending has made it so my own bank wants to work with me on additional funding,” says Clarence. “Memphis is booming, and we’re proud to be a part of that.”

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