Time to Lace Up!

The comeback is coming. Before we know it, it will be off to the races for small businesses again!


Let the team at Pathway Lending give you a running start.


Join us for Coaching for the Comeback May 5-6, our virtual service event in conjunction with the Big Payback.


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Key's ExpertiseExperienced entrepreneur, business advisor, and real estate broker. Key is Pathway's Senior Business Advisor for Business Development.

The Play-By-Play on Real Estate InvestingConnect 1-on-1 to have a better understanding of real estate investing; the industry, resources available and investment strategies.

Claim your session on Wednesday, May 5.  

Jon's ExpertiseJon is Pathway's Vice President of Lending for Middle Tennessee and brings a wealth of knowledge on business development.

Funding in Full SwingWalk away with a better understanding of how a loan can support your business development and growth. 

Claim your session on Thursday, May 6. 

Leslie's ExpertiseLeslie is Pathway's Senior Vice President of Education, with years of experience managing teams and curriculum across organizations. 

Team ManagementConnect 1-on-1 for leadership tips on how to manage your team for maximum efficiency in a remote or in-person setting. 

Claim your session on Wednesday, May 5 or Thursday, May 6. 

Keith's ExpertiseKeith is a seasoned lender leading efforts to bring capital resources to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Touchdown with a LenderWalk away with a better understanding of what it takes to access funding for your small business.

Claim your session on Thursday, May 6. 

Jarlecia's ExpertiseJarlecia's background as a tax advisor and consultant equips her to serve as the Director of Pathway Women's Business Center where she supports small business owners through learning programs.

Champion your Cash FlowThis session will help you develop a plan on how to optimize and manage your cash. Bring your cash flow questions and be ready to dig into your business finances! 

Claim your session on Thursday, May 6. 

T.J.'s ExpertiseT.J. is a hands-on, tech-savvy marketing executive and data-driven strategist who helps businesses grow through sound marketing strategy.

The Perfect PitchHow are you marketing your small business? Get real-time feedback on your strategy, branding, social media, website and more with this hands-on session!

Claim your session on Thursday, May 6. 

Kathy's ExpertiseKathy has over 20 years of experience in corporate management positions and serves as Pathway’s Senior Business Advisor. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the small business community to help business owners develop financial best practices to thrive.

Game Planning for the FutureYou can be proactive by preparing your business finances for the future. Connect 1-on-1 about your financial statements and begin to develop a plan of action for the health of your business.

Claim your session on Wednesday, May 5 and Thursday, May 6. 

Brittany's ExpertiseBrittany is the CEO of Career Thrivers, a leadership development firm that partners with organizations to cultivate equity in the workplace. Brittany is a TEDx speaker, personal branding coach, leadership consultant and author!

Investing In Your SuccessWe all know that investing our money is a best practice for financial wellness. What about other kinds of investments? There isn’t a venture more valuable than you! You are your best investment and there are some essential steps to discovering where to focus for the greatest return. Join this session with career and leadership speaker, coach, and author Brittany N. Cole as she shares how you can become your best self and make progress in your life both personally and professionally.

Participants will learn:

·How to prioritize self-care and set accountability goals

·Ways to determine what you need to grow and accelerate your success

·The differences between coaching, consulting, mentorship, and sponsorship

·The 4 levels of support you need to build strong relationships

·How to set goals and master your morning to stay on track

Join this group session on Thursday, May 6. 

Reggie's ExpertiseSkilled facilitator, curriculum developer, and founder dedicated to building sustainable business models to improve the organizational health of our clients. Reggie is the Director of the Veterans Business Outreach Center at Pathway Lending.

Kicking Off Your LLCIf you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur and launching your own business, learn how to legally set up your business in Tennessee with this session. 

Claim your session on Wednesday, May 5. 

Nicole's ExpertiseExpert in commercial real estate lending at CDFIs. Nicole is dedicated to providing innovative financing to support affordable housing, mixed-income, and mixed-use projects in low to moderate income neighborhoods.

Tackling Real Estate ProformasInterested in real estate investing? Bring your proforma for a live review and discuss your property project!

Claim your session on Thursday, May 6. 

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