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6 Small Business Tips for Tax Season

6 tax tips for small business owners

Helpful hints for business owners to lessen the stress of filing taxes. With the deadline to file taxes fast approaching, we asked one of our Business Advisory Services Consultants, Phylicia Moye, to share some tax tips for small business owners. Throughout the year, I help our loan clients navigate tough decisions and work with them

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How to buy an existing business in 8 steps

Want to buy an existing business? Here’s what you need to know. Buying an existing business has many advantages over starting an entirely new one. Existing businesses typically already have employees, clients, inventory, processes, cash flow, and historical financial performance. While operations can begin right away, buying an existing business presents several challenges that should

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Guide to Online Business Loans: Easy Does Not Equal Cheap

5 Things to know before you apply for that online business loan

Funding Your Small Business Online Is Easy, But Comes With Risk In 2008, the Great Recession caused many banks and financial institutions to tighten their credit standards. As a result, a new breed of online lenders seized the opportunity to assist small businesses and new business owners with their credit needs, and often at a

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4 Most Common Business Legal Structures

Choosing A Business Structure

What Legal Structure Is Best for Your Business? One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when you start a business is to determine the correct legal structure for your company. But how do you decide which business legal structure is right for your company? You will need professional legal guidance to make this

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Want to Start Your Own Business?

11 steps to start a business in TN or AL

How to start a business in Tennessee or Alabama Whether you dream of working for yourself or building a lasting legacy for your family, starting your own business is a major decision involving important financial planning and legal decisions. In this article, we’ll take you through 11 steps to start a business in Tennessee or Alabama.

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Business Tip No. 10: Commit to a Long-Term Vision

business tip 10: commit to the long-term vision

Entrepreneurs are classic risk-takers. But one risk they cannot afford is rushing into business without establishing a long-term vision. Many well-intentioned entrepreneurs launch an innovative business based on their passion, only to find themselves unable to turn that passion into a sustainably profitable business. Lay a strong foundation for a new business by building and

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The Sixth C of Credit

coachability graphic

Why coachability is important when you apply for a loan or line of credit. Ask any business lender about “the 5 C’s” and chances are they can name them all. We recently published a full blog post about the five C’s of credit that you can read right here, but just to review, those five

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How to Apply for a Business Loan:

5 steps to apply for a business loan

Need funding to start or grow your business in Tennessee or Alabama? We can help! Here are 5 steps to apply for a business loan through Pathway Lending: 1. Submit your pre-application using our online form This provides our team with information about your business and your capital needs so we can find the right

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The 5 C’s of Credit

5 Cs of Credit

What do lenders consider when they review loan applications from business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs? Most financial institutions follow a common set of criteria when assessing a loan request, often referred to as “the 5 C’s of credit.” What are the 5 C’s of credit, you ask? The five C’s of credit are: 1. Character,

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Business Tip No. 9: Know Your Competitive Advantage

Biz Tip No 9- Loyal customers

As a small business owner, your biggest competitive advantage is having loyal customers. Being the first to market or the cheapest provider isn’t enough – especially as your competitors are working to leave you in the dust. Being a company that clients enjoy working with and keep coming back to matters. The key is building relationships

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