5 steps to apply for a business loan

How to Apply for a Business Loan:

Need funding to start or grow your business in Tennessee? We can help! Here are 5 steps to apply for a business loan through Pathway Lending: 1. Submit your pre-application using our online form This provides our team with information about your business and your capital needs so we can find the right funding for

5 Cs of Credit

The 5 C’s of Credit

What do lenders consider when they review loan applications from business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs? Most financial institutions follow a common set of criteria when assessing a loan request, often referred to as “the 5 C’s of credit.” What are the 5 C’s of credit, you ask? The five C’s of credit are: 1. Character,

Biz Tip No 9- Loyal customers

Business Tip No. 9: Know Your Competitive Advantage

As a small business owner, your biggest competitive advantage is having loyal customers. Being the first to market or the cheapest provider isn’t enough – especially as your competitors are working to leave you in the dust. Being a company that clients enjoy working with and keep coming back to matters. The key is building relationships

rethinking debt capital in a vc world

Rethinking debt capital in a VC world

Find the funding that best serves your business Television shows like Shark Tank and The Profit have helped reinvigorate an interest in entrepreneurship in America. They have also perpetuated the misconception that when it comes to financing a new business, venture capital is the only means to launch or grow. The reality is that very few businesses fit the

Business man multitasking

Business Tip No. 8: Don’t Procrastinate!

As an entrepreneur it’s okay to admit that finances are not your strength. We get it. You probably didn’t start a business because you love balance sheets, but like them or not, finances are crucial to your small business success. So here’s a tip: Don’t procrastinate. DO NOT put off your bookkeeping needs. They don’t

Business Tip No. 7: Create, Re-Evaluate, and Stick to a Budget

Business Tip No. 7: Create, Re-Evaluate, & Stick to a Budget

No matter your path as a small business owner, it’s in your best interest to save money wherever and whenever you can. This all hinges on standing up a budget that works for your business. Planning for success means you need to account for both fixed and unplanned costs, and then create — and stick