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Pathway Lending’s approach to recovery and restarting operations for businesses impacted by COVID-19

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We’re here for your business – during these new and rapidly evolving health and economic circumstances, we want you to know that above all else.

And we will do this together. The entire Pathway Lending team is dedicated to helping each of you, our clients, and your businesses succeed, and we will do what it takes to understand your needs and adapt during these unprecedented times.

While we have temporarily closed our offices, we continue operations on an exclusively remote basis. We are using our secure network and technology to ensure the protection of information and our communications with our clients. Additionally, we have expanded our capacity for virtual meeting spaces to support our lending activity, deliver coaching, advisory services, training, mentoring and education.

We’re in this together. As a client, partner, or member of our community do not hesitate to reach out to our staff of lenders and business advisors to discuss how we can help you during this time.

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