Energy Efficiency Loans

Loans that move businesses forward by cutting operating costs, improving cash flow, and boosting your bottom line. Our low-interest loans overcome the upfront barriers to implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in Tennessee.

Why use Pathway Lending for your energy efficiency project? Up to 100% financing for projects ranging to $5 million

With over 200 projects financed, Pathway Lending is the leader in Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy financing in Tennessee. Common projects we fund include lighting, solar, HVAC replacements, cool roofs and air compressors.

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We have different rates and terms based on your type of organization – here is how it works.

EE Loans for Businesses and Nonprofits

We offer energy efficiency loans to industrial, commercial, and private non-profit facilities. Key markets include private, locally-owned industrial businesses, hotels, auto dealerships, athletic & community centers.

Program features include:

  • Below market rates
  • 4% rate for 5 years or 6% rate for 10 years
  • Interest-only draw period
  • 100% Financing

EE Loans for Governmental Entities

We offer energy efficiency loans to local governments. Key opportunities for school systems, jails and hospitals, water treatment facilities and street lighting.

Program features include:

  • Below market rates
  • 4% rate for 6-year capital outlay notes
  • Annual payments
  • 100% financing


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