Business Loans That Make the Difference

We’re a distinctly different lender. We’re a nonprofit, we’re mission-driven, and we’re determined to align capital and education with opportunity to grow Tennessee and Alabama businesses. No matter your location, industry, or capital needs, we are committed to the success of your business with access to capital and technical assistance.

Making A Difference Since 1999

As the largest Community Development Financial Institution in Tennessee and Alabama, Pathway Lending is a mission-driven organization with values rooted in our determination to help with a respect for all. Started in Oak Ridge, Tennessee in 1999, we expanded our service market to include Alabama in 2016. Please visit our Community Impacts page to access our most recent annual reports.

With More Than $175 Million, We’re Doing Right in Tennessee and Alabama.

We offer term loans, lines of credit, and accounts receivable financing to help you buy or expand a business; purchase, construct, or rehab real estate; implement energy efficiency or renewable projects; buy equipment; provide working capital; and purchase inventory.

These products offer unique features, including higher loan-to-value ratios (to 100%), longer terms and amortization periods, less reliance on historical performance and more reliance on pro-forma financial statements.

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Working Capital & Growth

workingcapital_pathwaylendingIdeal for…businesses facing a significant opportunity to grow.
Having cash on hand is especially important when your business is growing. This is why Pathway Lending’s Working Capital & Growth loans are an essential product for entrepreneurs. It lets you take on new opportunities while saving cash for other growth investments.

This loan product is designed to help small business owners with growing, developing, and sustaining their business in a time when conventional sources are difficult to come by. Together, we’ll help you reach new and meaningful milestones along your path to success.

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Term Loans

term_loans_pathwaylendingIdeal for…businesses who have a variety of capital needs.

Our accessible and affordable rates help stabilize your business by providing you with a smart way to build your assets and take on new growth opportunities.

We work hard to understand your business and your needs as we craft the right financial solution. Our term loans provide a smart, affordable, and flexible way to fuel growth in your business. They generate liquidity within your operations and allow you to invest in activities that help your business achieve more success.

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Equipment Loans

equipment_loans_pathwaylendingIdeal for… small shops to major manufacturers who want longer terms and LTV ratios up to 100%.

The right equipment can help your business be more productive and profitable. Whether you’re looking to own new or used equipment, our equipment financing solutions will ensure that your business has the tools it needs to grow and thrive.

We’ve designed our loans to keep cash in your pocket and give you flexible financing to purchase equipment and expand your ability to do business.

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Real Estate Loans

realestate_loans_pathwaylendingIdeal for… businesses looking to purchase or refinance their building.

Our Owner-Occupied Commercial Real Estate loan is one of the most cost-conscious products on the market. With higher loan to value ratios and extended amortizations it will reduce both your up front and on-going real estate expenses.

This product also allows you to refinance your building, providing you with a cash-out option that frees up equity for other investments back into your business.

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Receivable Financing

receivablefinancing2016_pathwaylendingIdeal for… growing businesses that need cash but cannot wait on receivables to pay.

Our receivable financing program leverages you’re A/R to provide a seamless and consistent flow of cash into your business. It automatically adjusts to meet your changing needs and help you grow.

The Receivable Financing product immediately unlocks cash in your accounts receivables. This flexible source of capital helps businesses experiencing rapid growth purchase materials, pay vendors, and cover operating expenses to take on new and larger sales.

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Energy Efficiency & Renewables

energyefficiency_renewables_pathwaylendingIdeal for… businesses that want to reduce operating costs.

Our energy efficiency loans provide businesses the capital to implement more efficient equipment and lighting to reduce costs and improve their profitability.

Pathway Lending’s Energy Efficiency Loans help businesses overcome the upfront cost barriers of energy efficiency & renewable energy projects. With up to 100% project financing, including design and installation, you can quickly start enjoying the financial benefits of energy efficiency in your facility.

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Low-Income Multi-Family Housing Loans

Ideal for… multi-family housing developers looking for long-term financing for LIHTC awarded housing developments.

This new source of capital helps acquire, construct, rehabilitate, or refinance LIHTC awarded properties in communities across Tennessee.

With lower rates and longer terms, our Low-Income Multi-Family Housing loans improve project financial performance and help provide safe, decent, and affordable housing. This attractive and reliable source of long-term financing in designed to expedite the development process.

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Line Of Credit

lineofcredit_pathwaylendingIdeal for… businesses who have immediate and on-going working capital needs.

Get flexible financing to take advantage of business opportunities. Repay and reuse your line of credit as needed.

Having access to a line of credit allows businesses to operate with enough money on hand to pay for short term debt and expenses, which is essential in times of growth or transition. This is especially useful in industries with major seasonal fluctuations, as it can fill in the gaps in lag times between when bills are due and when sales are made or payment comes in.