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We believe in entrepreneurs like you, and we’re dedicated to getting you the capital you need to successfully start or grow a business.

Fund your business opportunities with loans and lines of credit

Loans from $5,000 to $5 million

Flexible loans featuring higher loan-to-value ratios (up to 100 percent), longer terms and payback periods, and more reliance on your opportunities, instead of just your historical performance.

Where we lend

Pathway Lending currently makes business loans statewide in Tennessee and Alabama. We also serve businesses in the greater Memphis Region, which includes portions of Arkansas and Mississippi.



Microloans are ideal for early-stage businesses needing permanent working capital, equipment, or inventory. With your micro-loan, you are partnered with a member of our Advisory Services team, a valuable resource who’ll help you navigate business decisions and effectively manage your loan.

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Having cash on hand is especially important when your business is growing. This product is designed to help entrepreneurs with growing, developing, and sustaining their business in a time when conventional sources of capital are difficult to come by.

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The right equipment can help your business be more productive and profitable. Whether you’re looking to buy new or used equipment, a Pathway Lending equipment loan can ensure that your business has the tools it needs to grow and thrive.

With up to 100% project financing, we’ve designed our loans to keep cash in your pocket and give you the flexibility to purchase the equipment you need to expand your business.

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Ready to purchase or refinance owner-occupied real estate? Our commercial real estate loan is one of the most cost-conscious products on the market. With higher loan to value ratios and extended amortizations, it will reduce both upfront and ongoing real estate expenses. This product also allows you to refinance your building, providing you with a cash-out option that frees up equity for other investments into your business.

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Leverage your accounts receivable to provide a seamless and consistent flow of cash into your business. The A/R financing product automatically adjusts to meet your changing needs to help you grow by immediately unlocking cash in your accounts receivables. This flexible source of capital helps businesses experiencing rapid growth purchase materials, pay vendors, and cover operating expenses to take on new and larger sales.

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This unique loan product helps Tennessee businesses, governmental entities, and nonprofits overcome the upfront cost barriers of implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

With up to 100% project financing, including design and installation, you can quickly begin enjoying the financial benefits of energy efficiency in your facility.

Visit our Energy Efficiency Loan Program page for details on terms, rates, and more!

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Access to a line of credit allows businesses to operate with enough cash on-hand to pay for short-term debt and expenses, which is essential in times of growth or transition. This is especially useful in industries with major seasonal fluctuations, as it can fill in the gaps between when bills are due and when sales are made or payment comes in.

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Ideal for multifamily housing developers looking for permanent financing for affordable and mixed-income workforce, this flexible source of capital supports the acquisition, development, rehabilitation, and refinancing of properties in communities across Tennessee.

With competitive rates and terms, our Affordable Multifamily Housing loans boost property financial performance and help provide safe, quality, affordable housing. This attractive and reliable source of long-term financing will expedite the development process.

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Get funding at the speed of opportunity with The Propel Loan for new Pathway borrowers.

Going for a small business loan can be hard, especially for first-time and credit-building borrowers. The Propel Loan from Pathway Lending puts borrowers in the pilot’s seat with up-front requirements, expedited decisions and funding, monthly payments not daily draws, and fixed, not variable, rates on working capital loans up to $25,000.

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If you’re ready to start the loan application process, get started with our loan inquiry form. If you have questions about who can apply for a loan, how you can use funds from Pathway Lending, or need more information, please visit our FAQs page.  You can also visit our Community Impacts page to read our most recent annual reports.