Photo of smiling military personnelThis two-day in-person course is offered off installation and provides participants with an overview of business fundamentals, while introducing techniques for evaluating the feasibility of business concepts.

What You’ll Learn

REBOOT covers the key steps for evaluating business concepts and provides foundational knowledge required to develop a business plan. Participants are introduced to a broad spectrum of entrepreneurial business concepts and resources available to access start-up capital, technical assistance, contracting opportunities, and more.

Here are five reasons we think you should join us for REBOOT on October 25-26:

  1. Discover if entrepreneurship is for you

Perhaps you like the idea of being an entrepreneur, and you have thought of some great ideas in the past that you perceive to be viable business opportunities; this two day workshop with give enough information to truly find out if entrepreneurship is something to pursue. There is no loss in coming and deciding it is not worth pursuing because you will answer your question and save a lot of money and effort in the long run!

  1. Follow On Courses

When you decide that you want to continue on the entrepreneurial journey, there are follow on courses to Boots to Business REBOOT (at no cost) from Syracuse University and Mississippi State University that will get you ready to develop the market research and planning necessary to launch your business.

  1. Get Connected

You will learn about the available resources you have at your disposal through the Small Business Administration and the local ecosystem of entrepreneurship. You are not alone on this voyage! Our Veterans Business Outreach Center at Pathway Lending provides one on one counseling, and business modeling for your start-up.

  1. Personal Development

After this two day event, you will leave better than you came! It is humbling to learn about our gaps and what we need for where we want to go, and you will have a better understanding of yourself and knowledge base.

  1. Funding Opportunities

Discover the necessities to get funded, and find out about the different types of SBA loans and programs that can get access to capital if you are willing to put in the work!


Ready to attend? Click here to register online for the October 25-26, 2018 REBOOT at the VBOC at Pathway Lending.

Questions, contact Reggie Ordonez, through our online form.