As an entrepreneur it’s okay to admit that finances are not your strength.

Business man multitaskingWe get it. You probably didn’t start a business because you love balance sheets, but like them or not, finances are crucial to your small business success.

So here’s a tip: Don’t procrastinate.

DO NOT put off your bookkeeping needs. They don’t go away. In fact, they tend to just get bigger and more complicated the longer they go unchecked, and eventually could become an overwhelming mess. The bigger the mess, the more you’re likely to procrastinate. Small-business bookkeeping can actually be fairly simple.

If you break everything down into smaller categories — categorizing expenses, paying employees, sending invoices — the whole thing becomes much more manageable and the compulsion to put it off lessens.

Fortunately, tools like QuickBooks (and QuickBooks Online) can be a business owner’s best friend. Entrepreneurs use QuickBooks as their primary accounting program more than any other program. They use it in all phases of growth, from starting a new business to streamlining an existing one. There are many advantages to utilizing QuickBooks, some of which are:

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Capable of handling most accounting needs
  • Widely known among bookkeepers
  • Easy to use, and
  • Easily accessible data transfer capabilities.

Did you know that we offer QuickBooks classes and training right here in Nashville? Our QuickBooks Online Bootcamp is hosted at least once a month either at Pathway Women’s Business Center or Refinery Nashville and taught by our own Mason Worthington, CPA. Plus, Pathway WBC classes are open to everyone, not just female entrepreneurs, and classes are super affordable.

Check out our events calendar for the next QuickBooks Online Bootcamp class, or sign up for the weekly PWBC newsletter to get a list of each week’s classes every Monday morning! Right now is a great time to stop procrastinating, and we can help!