Success story: Fixtur-WorldSecond generation outfitter builds future growth on a long history of success

True entrepreneurial spirit can be seen in Horace Burks, a man who started in business at the age of 13. Originally known as F&W Amusement Company, Fixtur-World was founded more than 70 years ago by Fred Burks, and his son Horace has been managing the daily operations since its incorporation in 1979.

Fixtur-World designs, manufactures, constructs, and installs primarily food service facilities for hospitals, universities, manufacturing plants and professional sports stadiums. While the company has customers around the world, all aspects of the design and manufacturing process happen in their newly upgraded and expanded Tennessee facilities. Their pieces can be seen in high profile places like the World Trade Center Memorial and Yankee Stadium in New York, and locally at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville, Presbyterian College in South Carolina, as well as countless hospitals across the country.

“It’s a thrill to see products being made right here in Baxter, Tennessee getting installed across the country,” says Burks. “During the recession, rural areas like ours lost about a quarter of their manufacturing jobs, but we’ve been blessed by partners at the State, the Tennessee Bankers Association, and Pathway Lending. They’ve brought so many resources together to help us not only stay in business, but to grow.”

With the help of a working capital and real estate loan from Pathway Lending, Fixtur-World moved their company operations into a new, larger building in 2016, securing 115 jobs and adding 15 additional jobs in the rural town.

“People who are in business for themselves often find themselves swinging out there on a grapevine – it’s just you and your wife and your family,” says Burks. “Encouragement is one of the most valuable commodities there is, and we found encouragement in droves with Pathway Lending.”

collage of photos from Fixtur-World in Baxter, TN

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