Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), like Pathway Lending are your bank’s socially conscious and financially responsible partner.

win-win written on paper

We’re Ethical: We provide our clients with educational services that strengthen their core business practices and responsibly priced loans that allow them to grow their bottom line – all while you maintain the depository relationship.

We’re Collaborative: We fill the gaps in the financial marketplace – often providing small dollar business loans, those under $100,000, to businesses in rural and underserved communities. We also provide larger loans up to $5 million, and partner with banks to increase our impacts.

We’re a Good Investment: We pursue sustainable strategies to grow our portfolio and strengthen our balance sheet, including investments in technology and staff. Plus, your bank’s investments earn CRA credit, competitive annual returns, and a 10-year Franchise & Excise Tax Credit.

Regardless of the path, working with Pathway Lending creates stronger, more sustainable businesses while participating bank partners keep their depository relationship and get CRA credit. That’s a win-win for everyone involved