August is National Black Business Month which was founded in 2014 to support and encourage Black-owned businesses. During these uncertain times, Pathway knows how it is more important than ever for consumers to be more intentional with their buying power to support minority and Black-owned businesses.

Jarlecia Jones, Pathway WBC’s Director shares that “It is so important to be intentional about supporting Black-owned businesses. Both of my parents owned businesses in Memphis – a service company and a brick-and-mortar. As a child it gave me extreme pride to see my parents fulfill their dreams and provide employment and support to our community. The example my father showed to me at a young age shared how supporting Black-owned businesses not only supports the business owner but the entire community as on many occasions he provided his plumbing services to the elderly at a heavily discounted rate.”

According to a report from the National Bureau of Economic Research, “the number of African-American business owners plummeted from 1.1 million in February 2020 to 640,000 in April,” — that translates to about 41% of Black-owned businesses in the U.S. going under in the wake of COVID-19.

At Pathway, our mission calls us to support and elevate Black entrepreneurs with business educational resources, mentoring, technical assistance, and access to capital. Pathway has partnered with many Black-owned businesses in Tennessee and Alabama.

Here are a few ways you can support Black-owned businesses:

  1. Use your buying power to support minority-owned businesses Be conscious about your purchasing power and intentionally seek out Black-owned businesses, including a  few Pathway clients we’ve highlighted below.
  2. Donate your company’s services – It is vital for business owners to have strong mentors to help them navigate the challenges of operating a successful business. Mentors have either experienced the common pitfalls business owners experience or have expertise the business owner lacks. Pathway WBC knows the importance of having valuable mentors to aid in the success of entrepreneurs. If you would like to join us as a mentor please consider applying today.

Pathway WBC is proud to support and celebrate our Black-owned business clients in celebration of National Black Business Month.

Big Momma’s and Granny’s

Big Momma’s & Granny’s Catering

Tanocha Thedford, the owner of Big Momma’s and Granny’s (BMG) located in Memphis provides excellent meals that feed the soul. Whether it is a large catering event, lunch for the office, or family meals, BMG has the highest level of service and freshly made cuisines in Memphis.

WBC Director, Jarlecia Jones and Care Help Homecare owner, Shaleta Freeman.

Care Help Homecare 

Care Help Homecare  is a premier provider of quality home care services in Montgomery, Alabama. They are licensed, bonded, and insured, and all of their in-home caregivers are extremely understanding, skilled and experienced in caring for the elderly and disabled.  Care Help Homecare is passionate about providing exemplary care to seniors and adults with disabilities in the community.

Moore Suds Artisan Soaps

Moore Suds

Andreall Moore runs her handmade artisan soap collection, Moore Suds, from Nashville. The pitch she makes for her handmade artisan soap collection hits all the right notes – she won the pitch contest in our Discover and Embark Cohorts. She continues to grow her business through a loyal following who love her playful and fun-loving brand she describes as “repping the heart of urban culture” as much as her high-quality, all-natural, vegan products that look as delicious as they smell! 

Utopia I’AM Graphic Design

Utopia I’AM

Utopia I’AM creates unique t-shirts with cute and quirky sayings and Swarovski-blinged masks. Ubi Garner, creator and owner of the Etsy shop, hand makes to order all of the shop’s designs.

Black Owned Nashville App

Friend of Pathway WBC Danielle McGhee is the creator and founder of Black Owned Nashville App, a directory of 1,000 Black-owned businesses throughout Nashville. This app makes it convenient for people to find local Black-owned businesses to support! To shop, add your business, or provide support, check it out here.

Join Pathway is celebrating National Black Business Month and shop with purpose!

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