Finding a good source of information can be a challenge, especially with so many online sources flooding your inbox on a daily basis. In addition to our very own blog, the following are great resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners, each offering their own take on topics related to running a business.

Social Media Examiner – if you follow only one social media blog, make it this one. You’ll see timely, focused posts daily, Monday through Friday, along with a roundup post on Saturdays.

Small Business Trends – from organizing your home office and staying on top of accounting to developing leads and communicating effectively to FTC rulings and other regulation changes and what they mean, you’ll find it here.

Small Business Brief – this blog focuses on articles that help small business owners take action. Around since 2004, they’ve made it on Forbes top list of small business blogs.

Open Forum – a great, all around site covering a complete range of topics. They even have an area that focuses on women in business.

The Global Small Business Blog – if you’re interested in going global, then check out this blog, which focuses on entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to move beyond their local area(s).

You’re the Boss by New York Times – not only do they have relevant articles, they have a great name and tagline. After all, you are the boss, and successfully running a small business is an art.

Daily Dose by Entrepreneur – another great blog covering a range of topics relevant to consultants and small business owners, whether you consider yourself an entrepreneur or not. By the way, if you have your own business, whether you’re a sole proprietor or you have 10+ employees, you are an entrepreneur.

Duct Tape Marketing – Duct Tape Marketing consistently appears on top 10 small business blog lists for the marketing ideas and strategies explored, and for good reason.

The Consumerism Commentary – an intriguing blog that covers a gamut of finance topics, some business, some personal. The posts are an interesting, quick read.

Women in Consulting – an interesting blog where you’ll find posts that cover the full range of issues confronting consultants and small business owners.