Pathway Lending knows that it is both capital and business support that helps a small business and entrepreneur grow. That’s why we offer coaching through our Business Advisory Services for each loan client.

We are excited to welcome T.J. Miller to our team, as the Senior Business Advisor for Marketing. Prior to joining Pathway Lending, T.J. worked in small business, leading marketing, technology, and operations as Chief Marketing and Chief Operating Officer at SuperSprings International, Inc. where marketing strategy helped take a $5,000,000 company with a 6% net profit margin (or, $300,000), to a $12,000,000 company with a 20% net profit margin (that’s $2,400,000). T.J. has worked as a creative solutionist and online strategist, consulting with numerous businesses and non-profits across the nation. T.J.’s expertise in marketing strategy and leadership helps businesses navigate the constantly changing world of marketing and technology.

“I want to use my marketing expertise to impact people’s lives, businesses, and communities in a positive way, and that’s why I joined Pathway Lending,” said T.J.

T.J. will work with Pathway clients to assess their marketing strategies and implement tools to grow their revenue.