Crown College Energy Efficiency Project Success StoryAdvancing a mission of stewardship by investing in energy efficiency

The Crown College of the Bible is a private, nonprofit Christian college located in East Tennessee. Since opening its doors in 1991, the college has grown to an enrollment of more than 800 students in various fields of study through in their School of Ministry, School of Education, School of Business, Graduate School and Seminary, and Crown School of Trades and Technology.

Crown College opened the doors of its first building in 1991 in rural Powell, Tennessee. With extensive growth came the need for a larger physical space, and in 2004 the school expanded its campus to a former Levi Strauss manufacturing facility just down the road. Constructed in the 1970s, the facility was well-built, but not with an eye to energy efficiency.

Dr. Charles Prescott learned about Pathway Lending’s energy Efficiency program and saw the opportunity to invest in long-term energy and financial savings. As the Chief Financial Officer and Dean of the School of Business for Crown Graduate School, Prescott has a keen understanding of business decisions, and has enlisted Pathway for several building upgrades.

“We’re charged with being good stewards of all we are given. Investing in energy efficient upgrades not only saves energy, but means long-term, ongoing savings in our energy costs,” says Prescott. “We’re proud to offer our students state-of-the-art classrooms and educational facilities, and these upgrades are part of that.”

Photos: Energy Efficiency Project Upgrades at Crown College

Crown College used Pathway Lending energy efficiency loans to upgrade several hundred interior and exterior lights, install water conservation measures, and upgrade its HVAC and building controls systems. All told, the majority of this 200,000 square foot former manufacturing facility has been thoroughly upgraded to keep students and faculty comfortable while generating long-term reductions in utility costs.

“We’ve changed out more than 700 bulbs at this point,” says head of maintenance Steve Kirby. “We went from 150 watts bulbs to 17 watt LED bulbs, so the energy savings add up quickly. We’re already ready for our next project with Pathway.”

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