Rural manufacturer scores major savings and employee kudos with energy efficiency loan

EE Success Story: MIGManufacturers Industrial Group (MIG) is a full service contract manufacturer primarily producing automotive seat subassemblies, components and hardware. With more than one millions square feet of floor space across their facilities in Lexington, Chattanooga, and Athens, energy efficient lighting presented a tremendous opportunity to reduce their operating expenses.

In 2011, MIG received a complete facility audit for their Lexington location. Provided through a partnership with Pathway Lending and several state agencies, this audit included a comprehensive review of lighting, wiring, air hoses, power outlets and other areas, and resulted in the decision to retrofit the facility’s lights.

Management knew they would achieve significant long-term energy savings with the retrofit, but they also realized other unexpected benefits. Once installed, the improved lighting had a profound impact on employees – on their physical, physiological, and psychological well-being, affecting their overall performance.

“It is like the difference between night and day,” said MIG CEO Andre Gist. “Along with the energy improvements, the new lighting also provides a better environment for employees. I highly recommend it.”

The lighting retrofit paid for itself in two years and has since led to additional projects at their other locations, which help this rural Tennessee employer operate efficiently now and for years to come.

Did You Know: A study by the American Society of Interior Designers on Employees Perceptions of Workplace Lighting found:

  • 68% of employees complain about the light in their workspace.
  • 75% report that they could be more efficient and productive with better light.
  • 30% suffer from headaches due to eyestrain.
  • 25% report losing 15 minutes per day due to eye focusing problems. This is equivalent to 1.5 weeks per year.


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