Occupational & Speech Therapists Double Their Impact on the Community

Lending Client Success Story: Sprocket

When Nat Udwin and Barb Talbert moved to Nashville four years ago, the occupational clinic they envisioned didn’t exist. “My parents were small business owners, my grandparents were small business owners,” says Udwin. “So I’ve always had the mindset that if it doesn’t exist, you build it. So we built Sprocket Therapy Solutions.”

Sprocket Therapy is a full-service, outpatient speech and occupational therapy clinic that serves children and adults to improve functional life skills. They address coordination and do everything they can to challenge their patients: obstacle courses, cooking classes, and so much more. Udwin says, “We want each patient to be able to live independently in whatever situation they are in, and be able to problem-solve their way out if they become uncomfortable.”

They were hugely successful and quickly outgrew their first space in East Nashville. But growth proved challenging as both founders carried student loan debt, making it difficult to secure a loan from a traditional lender. Pathway Lending looked beyond the numbers and saw the opportunity for this small, scalable business.

“Pathway was and is a beacon of hope for us,” says Talbert. “We had been trying for so long to expand, but couldn’t secure funding until we found Pathway Lending.”

Sprocket Therapy client collage

Sprocket has since doubled their space, doubled their staff, and doubled their case load. “It’s been a dream come true,” says Talbert.

“We see ourselves as educators – if we can’t teach what we know, than what we know just stays here, and that doesn’t help anybody,” says Udwin. “We want to educate the entire community and help every person who comes to see us.”

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