Nashville College’s Lighting Conversion Gets A-Plus for Benefits to Campus Life, Savings and Quick Payback

With over 18,000 light bulbs across campus, converting to LED lighting netted Trevecca Nazarene University hefty savings, a quick payback period and a win for its efforts to keep tuition flat.

Trevecca undertook the total campus lighting conversion in 2018 – and replaced a 30-year-old boiler – to lower its energy costs. With an energy audit and installation by Big Dot Lighting and financing from Pathway Lending, both based in Nashville, the project has also delivered an overwhelmingly positive reception from faculty and students who report a better campus experience from consistent classroom lighting and improved outdoor visibility at night.

“The outdoor lighting has really lit up the campus and really made a big difference. I think it gave the kids a bit more sense of security,” said Glen Linthicum, Director of Plant Operations at the university. “I think it also helped the cameras we have throughout the outside to get a better quality view with the consistent lighting. The classrooms – I think the faculty and students were impressed with that very consistent lighting across, and I think it helped with a/v as well.”

As a Pathway Lending partner, Big Dot Lighting recommended Pathway’s Energy Efficiency Loan Program to finance the project for the university. The funding allows Trevecca to roll the savings from the lighting and energy projects into other areas of campus improvement.


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