CDFI and bank partner and help manufacturer bring 165 jobs to rural Tennessee

Pathway Success Story: VanHooseCoEntrepreneurs think big. They dream, plan, and execute strategies to build and sustain thriving businesses. Jeff VanHoose is one such entrepreneur. His business, VanHooseCo Precast Concrete, started small but scaled quickly following the 2008 Great Recession, as it added new divisions and took on new opportunities across the Southeast.

To successfully maintain and fund this growth VanHoose needed a financial partner. Pathway Lending, together with Pinnacle National Bank, was able to be that partner. It provided the financing needed to purchase state of the art equipment and double the size of their Loudon County manufacturing facility.

“I have to say that Pathway Lending was easy to work with,” said VanHoose. “They took the time to understand my opportunities and financial needs. We worked together to build my business for the better.”

Pathway Lending’s partnerships, whether with education providers or TBA Member Banks, make big things happen in Tennessee. VanHooseCo is proof of that; with 165 employees and a growing number of contracts with TDOT, they are building the infrastructure essential to Tennessee’s economic growth and prosperity. With new equipment and expanded facilities, VanHooseCo will undoubtedly continue its strong history of growth.

“Adapting to the changing needs of our customers has always been crucial for us,” said VanHoose. “By utilizing cutting-edge technology, made possible through our work with Pathway and Pinnacle, we can offer products that will keep VanHooseCo at the top of our industry for decades to come.”

VanHooseCo Pathway Lending collage

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