Pathway Lending & Epicenter deliver tailored solutions to entrepreneurs in Memphis

Click for VIDEO: Big Momma's & Granny's Catering

Click for VIDEO: Big Momma’s & Granny’s Catering

Authentic community partnerships expand our ability to create social impacts in the areas we serve. They help move our work from transactional to collaborative – to hear the community, understand its needs, and develop products and services that deliver the right benefit at the right time.

In 2018, Pathway Lending launched a new community partnership with Epicenter Memphis, which works with local partners to expand access to resources that entrepreneurs need to start and grow a business in Memphis. As their tagline says, they are “building a vibrant, inclusive economy through entrepreneurship.” And we couldn’t be more excited to be collaborating with them.

Both Pathway Lending and Epicenter are passionate about getting entrepreneurs access to the resources they need to succeed. Together, we can solve very significant challenges for entrepreneurs unique to the city of Memphis. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, Epicenter understands the community and business landscape for new entrepreneurs, and delivers tailored support where needed.

Tanocha Thedford, owner of Big Momma’s & Granny’s Catering, is testament to the work we can do together. The launch of her business, and many others like it, can have real, lasting impacts on the city of Memphis and their communities.

Just like Tanocha says, we “wish that everybody in the city of Memphis knew about Epicenter and Pathway Lending”.

Thanks to our friends at Epicenter for letting us share their video. To learn more about the incredible things happening at Epicenter, visit them online at