Success Story: Nashville Party Trailer

Taking the long view: Overnight success doesn’t happen overnight

Gerald Gooch, owner of Nashville Party Trailer in Nashville, is one of the many small business owners in Tennessee who have turned to Pathway Lending for financial assistance and guidance. As a former entrepreneur and part of Nashville’s entertainment industry, Gooch had a vision of creating a business that would provide mobile refrigeration services to the growing number of neighborhood events and festivals around the city.

Taking a measured approach to launching his business, Gooch first worked with SCORE to craft a business plan and then approached Pathway Lending for a loan to purchase a refrigerated beer tap trailer, which can handle any combination of domestic, imported, craft or home-brewed beers.

“People don’t realize that my ‘overnight success’ didn’t happen overnight,” said Gooch. “It took a lot of planning and dedication – and of course, partners like Pathway Lending, to make my vision a reality.”

Since becoming a loan client in 2015, Gooch has worked with the advisory team at Pathway Lending to make informed decisions about his business growth. The team provides guidance on cash flow management, QuickBooks and general business strategy.

“Now that I’ve launched, I still need the right education and advice to keep my business successful,” said Gooch. “I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my business, and with partners like SCORE and Pathway Lending, I’m confident that it will be a successful one.”

photos of Gerald Gooch and Firstar Party Trailer

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