benefits of energy efficiencyAt Pathway, we’ve seen firsthand the benefits of energy efficiency in hotels across the state. Our clients have installed energy & water management systems to reduce their operating expenses and boost the guest experience.

Now, the largest-ever national survey of hotel and lodging professionals comes to the same conclusion – enery & water management systems offer huge untapped potential to the hotel industry.

The survey, conducted by MACH Energy, a provider of energy and water management software services and solutions, revealed that while 61% of hotels have a sustainability plan far fewer (42% of those with programs) did not know if their program was achieving savings.

One of the best ways to monitor (and achieve) energy savings is through the use of Energy Management Systems (EMS), which only 30% of respondents reported using. These systems improve operational efficiency. The survey found that 79% of those using EMS systems said reduced costs were their favorite feature, followed by real-time monitoring capabilities (55%) and ease in tracking variance and budgets (45%).

Download the complete MACH Energy survey here: DOWNLOAD

Regardless of your plans for energy efficiency – relying on operational improvements to reduce energy and water expenses, or opting for capital-intensive projects such as occupancy sensors. Pathway Lending can help you overcome the upfront financial barriers to project implementation. Since 2010, we’ve helped Tennessee businesses, including many in the hotel industry, achieve significant energy cost savings.