Funding at the speed of opportunity.

The right loan at the right time can give your small business a big boost.


Loans up to $25,000. Monthly payments, no automatic daily draws. Decisions in as few as 48 hours and expedited funding. Created with first-time or credit-building business borrowers in mind.

Find out if you qualify before you apply.

Save guesswork and time with the Propel Loan. We spell out what it takes to qualify right up front so you can decide before you apply if a Propel Loan is right for your business.

Speed with service.

Time is money when you're a small business, so we expedite a decision and fund delivery to your business bank account. And, a real person will answer your questions along the way.

Pay monthly. Fixed rates.

The Propel Loan offers borrowers a combination of control and access that's unique in the market with fixed rates and standard monthly payments that set you up for success.

$5,000 to $25,000

for working capital


minimum monthly revenue

6 months

in business


minimum credit score

15% or 18%

fixed rates for 36 or 60 months; 3% fee for payoff before month 36


Going for a small business loan can be hard, especially for first-time and credit-building borrowers. With the Propel Loan, you're always in the pilot's seat with up-front requirements, expedited funding, monthly payments not daily draws, and fixed, not variable, rates.


The Propel Loan offers two combinations of fixed rates and terms: depending on your credit score, get a 3-year loan at 15% or a 5-year loan at 18% (plus a 3% fee for payoff before month 36). Use loan proceeds as working capital so you can fund general operations.


The Propel Loan is designed to count owners in so they can access the funds they need to move their businesses forward. We believe monthly revenue is a stronger predictor of staying power than credit score and time in business, especially for first-time or credit-building borrowers.


The Propel Loan application keeps it simple. The streamlined application asks for a one-year tax return and 3 monthly bank statements. No business plan required.


Choosing a Propel Loan gives you more than the capital that comes with a loan. When you become a client with Pathway Lending, you'll build your capacity, too. Get free enrollment in Pathway Learning and access online workshops and multi-week courses on a range of business topics anytime, anywhere. We'll also connect you with our dedicated advisors who are finance and marketing experts.

Get Started

Submit an inquiry to start the application process, and get a loan decision in as few as 48 hours when you complete your application and submit your documents. We'll expedite your closing, too, and deliver funds to your business bank account so you can access them as soon as possible.

Loan Inquiry

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Contact Details

Business email is preferred; personal email is accepted.

Request Basics

A business may borrow up to 20% of it's prior year gross receipts. For example, if Annual Revenue is $100,000, maximum loan amount that can be requested is $20,000 ($100,000 * 20%). Loan amounts approved will be based on a business’s annual revenue and other measures of its ability to make monthly loan payments and to repay the loan, including credit score.

Choose the best option that would help meet your business needs / be the primary use of funds.

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Business Information

Please include business address or, if applicable, the project address for which you are requesting funds.

A Single-Member Limited Liability Company (SMLLC) is formed by one individual or entity through a special written agreement. A single member LLC only has one member; identified by individual's SSN or entity FEIN. A multi-member LLC is formed by one or more individuals or entities through a special written agreement. Identified by individual(s) SSN(s) or entity FEIN. A professional limited liability company (PLLC) is formed under a state professional limited liability company law and is a company engaged in the rendering of professional services. Identified by the entity’s FEIN.

Date your business was active and open for business; must be able to show proof of operations.

Select the best option you believe fits your business.

Select the range that best fits where you believe your credit score falls. We will verify credit score as part of the loan application process if you are selected as a match for Pathway Loan Product.

If you have business bank account or a bank account with your business name, please select 'Yes'.

If you are able to provide business and/or individual tax returns, select "yes".

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Terms and Conditions
As an authorized representative I submit this information to Pathway Lending in consideration for a business loan. I agree that the information provided is true and correct. I authorize Pathway Lending to make inquiries, as necessary or required, to verify the accuracy of these statements.  In addition, I agree to provide additional information requested via Pathway's online application system and/or related communications to determine the creditworthiness of the individual business owner(s) listed within.

Pathway Lending is an Equal Opportunity Lender. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, marital status, disability, age, or national origin.