Client Profile: Power of Clean Energy

In the few short years since launching, Power of Clean Energy (PCE) has built a thriving business as a trusted energy efficiency consultant helping nonprofits, schools and churches across the Southeast save money with brighter, safer campuses, facilities, classrooms and worship halls. The Nashville firm has set itself apart in the fast-growing market with its


Energy Efficiency trending in schools

Why more educational institutions are going Green Classes are officially in session for the new school year, and students and faculty are off to a bright start…with energy efficiency that is! Investing in energy efficiency has become the newest trend for educational institutions across the country with hopes of reducing utility costs, creating healthier learning

Energy Project Financing Options: Overview

Financing Options for Energy Improvement Projects

New Blog Series: Energy Efficiency Project Financing Options for Businesses, Nonprofits, and Local Governments If you’ve read through our Energy Efficiency Loan Program page, you already know that Pathway Lending’s EE Loan program is tough to beat. Thanks to a program partnership with the State of Tennessee and Tennessee Valley Authority, we’re able to offer